unsu bunkai moves 17 and 18

Unsu Bunkai Moves 17 to 18. Black Belt Kata Unsu (Cloud Hands), working on applications for the two round house kicks as you go to ground.

In this short video, we practice two variations, one from the ground and one whilst still standing.

  1. First application. Move 17. Attacker starts to move in for an attack or grab and you move towards them and sharply to the right, reaching out with the right leg and then at the same time their attack lands, you kick mawashi geri with your left and your kick should hit them just as the complete their forward movement. Kicking with the ball of the foot, instep or shin. Two objects moving towards each other creates tremendous force. 
  2. Second application. Someone attacks from behind and pushes you to the ground, as they follow up the push with an attack, you kick straight back with an ushiro geri kekomi, thrusting them back and away.

Unsu Bunkai Moves 17 to 18

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