Shotokan Punch And Kime

In this quick 15 minute shotokan karate follow along class, we will work on the Shotokan punch and kime.

Starting in the yoi position and working on Kime by using both arms to pull back sharply to the hikite position.

As both fists stop at the sides of the body, kime and hold for three quarters of a second (way longer than is needed at the moment).

The push both fists out sharply like a double punch, keep the elbows in and shoulders down, then kime on completion.

Do this ten times fast, 5 pull back and 5 push forward.

In the next part of this karate class, use the arms in the same way, but this time add a step forward and a step back.

Starting with both arms out in the straight punch position, step forward with the right leg into Zenkutsu dachi.

As you land both arms pull back sharply into the hikite position.

Then step back to shizentai and drive both punches out, completing the punches as the foot lands.

Feel all the muscles tighten, you need to know if the muscles art tensed or relaxed.

This is one of the problems with shotokan karate, karateka are not sure if their muscles are tensed or not.

This causes a lot of robotic movement, or no tension at all.

This exercise is great for developing kime, the other best way to develop kime, is hitting things! Punch bags, makiwara, focus pads, etc.

Shotokan Punch Working on Kime Combination

In this next part of the karate class we step forward oi tsuki (stepping punch) and apply kime correctly.

Stay relaxed throughout the movement, then as the punch lands, tighten the muscles for a split second, then relax. (kime)

  1. Stand in heiko dachi yoi (shizentai), with the left punching arm out.
  2. Drive off the left leg and step in with the right leg oi tsuki.
  3. Step back into heiko dachi with the right leg, keeping the right arm out.
  4. Then repeat on the opposite side.

Ten oi tsuki fast, 5 on each side.

Kime needs to happen at exactly the right moment.

If you kime to early, the technique will be ineffective and if you kime too late, the technique will be ineffective.

Think of a magnifying glass, the sun and a piece of paper. If everything is aligned correctly, the paper will burn!

Shotokan Punch Combination Working on Kime

  1. Stand in heiko dachi yoi (shizentai), with the left punching arm out.
  2. Drive off the left leg and step in with the right leg oi tsuki.
  3. Step back into heiko dachi with the right leg.
  4. As the foot lands, punch choku zuki (straight punch), then immediately punch choku zuki again.

Kime on each punch. Tighten and relax in a split second

Ten shotokan punch combinations fast. oi zuki, choku zuki, choku zuki, fast, 5 on each side.


Shotokan Punch And Kime Combination

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We hope you liked this shotokan karate follow along class, working on the shotokan punch and kime.

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