Kokutsu Dachi Back Stance Video

The hardest basic shotokan karate stance is definitely kokutsu dachi (back stance).

Although this is classed as a basic stance most people find this difficult and uncomfortable. So we are going to break this stance down, into small sections, with a video tutorial accompanying this article.

Get into the habit of breaking new karate moves down, they then become much easier to understand the small detail.

Kokutsu Dachi (back stance)

1. Weight distribution for back stance is 70% of your weight on your back leg and 30% on the front leg. (some Dojo practice 80% back leg and 20% front leg)
2. Feet should be at a 90% angle to each other and heels in line.
3. Push the back hip forwards at a 45% angle and pul the front hip back
4. Roll the hips up and try not to let your hips stick out.
5. Keep your back straight
6. Your back knee should be heavily bent and if you drop a line down it should just come inside your back legs big toe.
7. Try not to let the back knee fall inwards, keep it facing 90 degrees to the front and just above the back legs big toe.
8. Your front knee should be slightly bent at all times
9. Try not to let the front knee fall inwards, keep it facing forward.

Of all the basic shotokan karate stances, this is one of the hardest to master. Whether you are attending a karate dojo, or learning karate at home, I recommend you break all techniques down and repeat again and again. For stances it’s a good idea to hold the position for a minute or two and then change to a different stance and repeat.

kokutsu dachi

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