Make Your Shotokan Karate Flow Not Robotic

It’s very easy to become robotic with your karate techniques. Karateka mistake kime or Focus for tension and then where they are thinking so much about Kime and focus, the tension stays in the body.
It normally progresses from doing one technique where the tension stays too long, then after the next technique the tension stays a bit longer and than the next thing you know the tension remains throughout the body the whole time. This is when the karate can become very robotic.
There’s several areas to work on, to stop this tension, be conscious that you’re relaxed when you’re moving, practice combinations or kata slowly, feel yourself moving in a relaxed flowing way.
Exercises like shadow boxing are excellent for flow, moving relaxed, punching, kicking, blocking so there’s no tension, always trying to relax and flow.
Sometimes we feel relaxed but we are not, so film yourself doing a karate combination or kata, then play it back.
Flow and relax, sometimes less is more!

Here’s another article on the flow in karate.

Make Your Shotokan Karate Flow Not Robotic

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