In this karate class, Sensei Huckle worked on a shotokan karate exercise working on choku tsuki (straight karate punch), kizami tsuki (lead arm punch) and gyaku tsuki (reverse punch). There are two combinations of seven punches in each combination. 

One of the combinations is very basic, using zenkutsu dachi (front stance), shomen and Hanmi and Hikite. The second combination is from freestyle and Sensei Huckle was emphasising the flow throughout the combination, no hikite needed and higher stances.

1. Choku Tsuki

2. Kizami Zuki

3. Kizami zuki.

4. Gyaku zuki.

5. Kizami zuki.

6. Kizami zuki.

7. Gyaku zuki.

On the basic combination Sensei Huckle worked on a strong drive from the legs, hikite, shomen and hanmi. On the more advanced combination, the focus was more on making the combination flow, like it was one technique and not seven.

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