Chinte (珍手) (Unusual Hand)

In this live karate class recording, we are breaking down the moves of Chinte Kata Step By Step.

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Chinte is a black belt shotokan kata and we are going to cover moves 12, 13, 14 and 15 of Chinte Kata Step By Step.

Chinte has many circular movements, which many shotokan karateka struggle with, as most of the Shotokan kata are very linnear.

tetsui uchi

This is a great kata to practice the circular techniques that are few and far between within Shotokan karate.

Many Shotokan Dojo exagerate the circular movements within Chinte and the opposite is also true, where many Dojo make these circular movements more direct and linnear.

Chinte Kata Step By Step

Move 12

Starting from move 11, which is a right leg in front shuto uke in kokutsu dachi.

Kick mae geri keage with the left back leg, keep the arms in the shuto uke position as you kick.

Move 13

Step back sharply after the kick and as you step back strongly pull the arms into the preparatory position for a double arm block, or block strike.

As you land in zenkutsu dachi, the left arm blocks gedan barai and the right arm blocks uchi ude uke.

The body finishes in the shomen position.

Try and get both techniques striking or blocking forward, rather than swinging around.

Almost treat them like an uraken uchi and a gyaku zuki.

Move 14

This next move is nagashi uke (sweeping block) with the right arm.

As you step up feet together sharply, with the left leg, keep the knees bent.

At the same time as you step, the right uchi uke arm drops down and snaps accross the centre line, back of the fist facing up and blocking with the inside of the right forearm as the feet come together.

Move 15

Drive both legs straight and swing the right arm in a large circular movement above the head in a clockwise direction and strike tetsui uchi as the legs straighten.

The application we use for moves 14 and 15 is for an attacker with their left leg in front and the nagashi uke hooks to the outside and underneath their left knee.

At the same time drive your head past the right side of their body and hook the leg and throw using move 15.

Chinte Kata Step By Step Video

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