4 Strikes Choku Zuki, Teisho, Heito and Shuto From Shizentai

Taken from our 8th Kyu Red belt karate examination.

Choku Zuki – Teisho – Heito and Shuto From Shizentai (Heiko dachi)heito uchi

1. Choku Zuki (straight punch)

2. Teisho Uchi (palm heel strike)

3. Heito Uchi (ridge hand strike)

4. Shuto Uchi (knife hand strike)

A combination working on coordination.

After each strike, be sure and have a good hikite fist at the side of the body.

One of the biggest mistakes we see, is an open hand in the hikite position.

Also work on applying the hips to the strikes.

Striking sides hip shoots forward, then snaps back square on impact.

Video Tutorial Of The Four Strikes