My name is Linden Huckle and I am the founder of, I have been practicing karate for nearly fifty years and teaching for over 30 years.

Shotokan Karate Online was created as a resource for Shotokan Karateka all over the world.

We are not interested in the political side of karate and everyone is welcome on our website, irrespective of grade, association and whether or not someone practices karate at a Dojo, or in their own home!

We have tutorials in everything Shotokan, from Kihon (basics), to Kumite (sparring), Kata (form), lesson plans, history, philosophy, health, fitness and much more.
We also hold several live zoom classes each week, which we also record, edit and upload into the members area.

If you are an existing karateka and practice at a Dojo, we can help. We are continually adding video tutorials. These tutorials sometimes focus on a specific area of Shotokan and sometimes they are full kata tutorials, or full lessons.

If you are new to karate, we can help. We have a special introductory course for new members that is a great entry point into the fascinating world of shotokan karate.

For people just starting their karate journey, our video tutorials are highly detailed, but easy to follow and will take you step by step, from white belt to the coveted black belt.

Our Shotokan Karate follow along classes are very popular. We have 15minute, 20 minute, 30 minute, etc.

We understand how busy people are, so when we put together these follow along classes, we cram as much technical information as possible, in the shortest time frame possible.

Our main membership is our Monthly membership, which gives our members full access to all of our tutorials, our kata dojo, follow along class recordings, newly added weekly content and of course our Shotokan app (does not include the 6 week shotokan karate mastery program).

We also have our Inner Circle Membership, this is especially designed for karateka who wish to fast track their progress in karate and some of our Inner Circle members would like to open their own Shotokan karate school.

Our Inner Circle membership has a private Facebook group, it includes access to all of our live zoom karate classes, an instructor training program, a Dojo marketing program, all rank testing is included and we provide individual video feedback on every test and much more.

We have a Shotokan Karate App that is about to launch. The app will have two 6 week shotokan mastery programs.

The first 6 week program is for people just starting in karate and the second 6 week program is for karateka who are already training and would like to take their karate to the next level.

These 6 week mastery programs will include daily lessons, these lessons will be short and packed full of detail, there will also be 6 weeks of live classes, which will also be recorded for our members who are unable to attend live.

There will also be a certificate of completion and an opportunity to get in to the Inner Circle Membership at a reduced rate.

As our community grows, we are also planning a residential karate course, which will be a mix of karate and holiday.

We will find somewhere really nice and it will be a chance to practice karate together and somewhere our shotokan community can meet each other, socialise and have a great time.

Please feel free to contact me at info at shotokankarateonline dot com
Linden Huckle