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live karate classes

Who would have thought two years ago that we would be having live karate classes on Zoom? But here we are and it's been amazing! It is so great to see you all live in a karate class and the to see the improvement you are making in such a short time is simply mind blowing! We have big plans for our live Zoom classes and they include, rank specific classes, kata focused classes, self defense and fitness classes, so whatever your reasons for practicing karate, we have got you covered. Through the month of January the fundamentals we have been working on have been shomen, hanmi and hikite. We have used several exercises to work on these areas, which have been challenging but at the same time enjoyable.
Body and hip rotation (shomen hanmi) are an integral part of Shotokan karate and mastering this area of training is essential if a karateka is to reach a high level in Shotokan karate.  
To have strong basic techniques a karateka must have a strong hikite (pulling arm). We have been emphasising the hikite arm throughout the January's live classes.
The kata we have been working on have been the yellow belt kata Heian Sandan in detail, along with black belt kata Nijushiho and orange belt kata Heian Shodan. We really broke down Heian Sandan and went into a lot of detail, also covering the different types of applications for the moves within the kata.