Anan Kata Tutorial live Recording Part 3

Although Anan is not one of the 27 Shotokan kata, we have added this kata into our training for many reasons. The kata has open hand strikes, blocks and grabs nearly all the way through the kata, lots of circular movements and unique ways of striking and blocking. Anan is an excellent karate kata, its one of our non shotokan kata and is not part of our testing, but I believe it’s a great addition to shotokan karate practice.

Anan (安南)

I do not know the meaning of Anan and the history of the kata is a bit of a mystery, some historians believe it was named after a mountain range in China. 

Anan was made famous by 7 times world champion Sensei Sakumoto.  I remember watching this kata for the first time, there was no kata like it and i really wanted to learn Anan.

I was very priveledged to learn Anan from Shihan Akio Minakami and although we are shotokan based, I feel this kata is an excellent addition to our karate practice.

Since learning Anan I know it has changed many times and there are many variations of this kata around the world, so I plan to do with Anan as i have with the Shotokan kata and that is to practice many different versions and use the techniques that work for me.

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Anan Kata Tutorial Part 3

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