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Oss ! Welcome to the Dojo

Welcome to the Dojo, here we have all the video tutorials, including testing requirements for each rank.

The Dojo will be updated regularly, so visit often and catch all the latest SKO news, events, training tips and fun workouts.

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The Shock Hit

When you get hit hard and fast, many times you can deal with it, the human body can take a heck of a lot of punishment. Take a look at the UFC. They batter each other, then batter each other some more.
But, every now and then you will see the same fighters crumble at a seemingly weak strike. 

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Niju Kun - The 20 Guiding Principles Of Karatedo

Master Gichin Funakoshi, the founder of Shotokan karate, laid out the Twenty Precepts of Karate (Niju kun), which are there as a guide for all karateka to follow and adhere to. These principles form the foundations Shotokan karate. These twenty principles were based heavily on Bushido and Zen.

The principles allude to notions of respect, humility, compassion, patience, awareness and both an inward and outward calmness.

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