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Questions And Answers

Question 1. ​​Please could you perform the kata ​this way

​Could we ask for a silent bow, so no ​Oss when you bow at the beginning and end of the kata. After the bow, come to yoi, wait for 2 seconds, then perform the kata at full speed. On the last movement wait for 2 seconds before yamae.

Question ​2. ​​Where should ​I film the kata?

​Could you try and have a plain background, ie, against the backdrop of a wall, or a line of bushes and if you are filming outside, trainers are allowed.

Question ​3. ​​What should ​I w​ear for the kata videos

​A white karate suit if possible.

Question ​4. ​​How do ​I send you the kata videos?

​You will receive 2 emails, the first email will be a welcome and information email, the second email will be a request for your 3 Heian kata videos (1st Round). The email will have your name and competitor number, you then click on the 'Upload Files' button, on the next screen click on the 'Choose Files' button, then select your 3 video files from your phone or computer and click 'Done'. Nest add your first name, surname and email address and click the 'Upload' button. Your 3 kata video will then upload.

Question ​5. ​​What are the categories?

We have 3 categories ~

  1. White to Yellow Belt. 10th Kyu to 7th Kyu.
  2. Green to Purple and White Belt. 6th Kyu to 4th Kyu.
  3. Brown and Black Belts. 3rd Kyu and above.

We may add more categories in future tournaments, as more karateka around the world find out about these tournaments.

Question ​6. ​Are There Age Categories?

​There are no age categories for this first tournament, but as we mentioned in the previous answer, We ​will definately be considering age categories in future tournaments, as more karateka around the world find out about these tournaments. Which could include children and veteran categories.

Question ​7. ​​How ​Much Is It To Enter?​​​​

​It is $7 USD per individual entry

Question ​8. ​​Are There Prizes?

​Yes, there are prizes/trophies we are still discussing this are and will let every one know nearer the tournament.

Question ​9. ​​How Will The Draw Take Place?

​Each competitor will be given a unique number. These numbers will then be drawn at random, which will happen through all the preliminary rounds up to the finals, which will done on points.

Question 10. ​What Happens After The First Three Rounds?​​​​

​If you progress through the first 3 rounds, you will receive an email request for your next kata (4th round).

For under brown belt it can be any Heian kata or Taikyoku Shodan (Kihon Kata).

For brown belt and above the 4th round kata are Bassai Dai and ​Jion.

Question 11. ​What Happens After The Fourth Round?​​​​

​If you progress through the fourth round, you will receive another email, requesting your favourite kata plus one other as a backup, in case of a draw. These can be any Shotokan Kata.

Question 12. ​​What Happens In The Final?​​​​

​​We are very excited about the whole championships, but especially the finals!

The Finals will be streamed live, even though the individual kata have been pre-recorded.

Question 1​3. ​​​Can I See My Kata Matches?​​​​

​​​Yes, we will have a page where you can see your matches. There will be a different page for each category. 

There  will also be a link below each kata match that will take you to the Tournament YouTube Channel especially for competitors, where you can like and leave feedback.

Question 1​4. ​​​Will There Be any More Tournaments?​​​​

​​​Yes, we are already planning the next tournament.


Question 15. ​​​Are There Any Tournament Tshirts or Hoodies?

​​​Yes, there are some tournament Tshirts and hoodies along with other cool Shotokan merchandise.